We'll Build You a Great, Personal Website for a low, one time, set up fee.  With Our Responsive Website Builder, you can then easily manage it; saving you a ton in Developer Upsells and a life time of hosting fees and monthly costs!

"Jeremy will teach you how to manage YOUR site.  No more spending money on every update.  With this platform, you don't

have to be a Professional Web Developer to maintain your website yourself!  Simply use StuntSites's builder

and JD will also be there in case you need him, anytime! That peace of mind alone is priceless." 

- Andy Armstrong

Why You Should Use StuntSites?

If you are looking for a great, personal website to have for your Action Career, look no further than StuntSites.com! 

What ever you want. We offer a powerful, easy to use platform to easily build, expand upon and/or update your personal website.  We can coach you on how to do so or, you we can start you off, set up your servers, domain names, etc. 

"StuntSites offer's a Platform YOU can manage!  STOP wasting money on generic, cookie cutter, non-responsive websites that can make you look out of touch." 

With StuntSites, you get a built-in CMS (Content Management System), a great set of user-friendly tools, free updates, professional customer support straight from Jeremy Dunn (iStunt.com Founder)

and many other goodies!  It's peace of mind, which is priceless!

 See below for a quick list of our Features:

Responsive Design

Our Stunt Sites are 100% mobile-friendly. So your website will look great on all popular mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Drag & Drop Editor

Creating a website for your own business with StuntSites' CMS is easy as pie due to the simple  drag-and-drop functionality.

Preset Builder

Transform the appearance of your contact forms, buttons and other widgets for your personalized or business website.

Fascinating Widgets

Use a wide range of widgets for your  website customization, with more coming in the future.

Parallax & Animation

Make your website more attractive for users. Add parallax and animation effects.  

"Welcome to Modern, welcome to The Future!"

Google Fonts

Use a large collection of beautiful text fonts

designed by Google and recognized around the world.  These are important! 


Optimize your website URLs, write unique keywords, add 301 redirects, enable website indexation and more.  We have this built in and do this for you if you wish, we make it EASY! Call today for details!

Blog Functionality

Easily get your BlogLife going! With Disqus, we offer a fully-featured blog widget.  Write, update, delete articles and customize your blog design right in our admin panel! Free Disqus membership required obviously, but we'll set that up for you too. 

We Got You!

Shopping Cart

If you want a fully funtional online store, well, of course we offer that as well.  Give us call for this though, as we may want to develop this in other ways too!  It all depends on your vision.  Again, feel free to contact us with any questions!

Leave us a message and Jeremy Dunn will call you back!

Meet a few of our team members:

We have a solid team of people that can tackle any project! We have worked on websites that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, 

down to a few hundred.  No matter what your projet entails, we can help build it! Our team is MUCH larger than our 3 featured associates below.

Nicola Onnasis

Senior Developer

Nicola is one of our leading developers on the StuntSite's team. He is a powerhouse and has worked for so many huge firms, it's great to have him on board.

Jeremy Dunn

Founder / CEO - iStunt.com

Jeremy has made hundreds of websites over the years and has a vast collection of Successful, Online Companies. However, being that Stunt Professionals make up about 99% of his Friends, HE will be working DIRECTLY with YOU on your Stunt Site!

Eric Shiccitano


Eric is a hip dude, with a youthful eye for design.  He loves to keep to very clean websites that are smooth on all mobile platforms..

A Few Samples / Websites

Click Below to View a Few Features Views

Andy Armstrong's Website

Here is a quick view of Andy Armstrong's New Website.  It is structured very similarly to the Stunt Sites website, as he utilized our iSTUNT SITE.  Just Ask about it and we'll tell you more!


We offer a very modern design for any business venture you might have as well.  Her is a designer's page.  We'll actually give you a copy of this in case you want to utilize it. Right in your admin panel!

Jim Vickers' Website

Jim Vikers has a cool, simple feel to it.   Show casing many clips of is illustrious career.  His website is set to private, accessible only by those with the special link.

Andy Armstrong's Video Page

Andy Armstrong, as most Stunt Coordinatos in the industry, need a page to hightlight some of their work.  Easily add your Vimeo / YouTube LInks, all of which we will help you set up!

Andy's Gallery Page

Have a responsive Gallery for your website as well!

StuntSites offers a beautiful, easy to add to, photo gallery that will respond to the size of your photos and the screen it is viewing on!

Jim Vickers Video Page

StuntSites will help you set up Vimeo & YouTube pages if you do not have them.  This is so you can embed the videos.  We will help you set up a cleaner page too, if you like.  Click below to see.

Contact form

Email us with any questions or inquiries.  Feel free to leave us your phone number too and Jeremy Dunn will call you personally. We look forward to working with you!

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